How We Hire

  • Potential and fit are just as (if not more) important than skills alone. Of course your talent & experience are essential for us to ship an amazing game, but our culture is more than just a group of wildly talented people. We want to meet you for who you are, understand what you’re working towards, and see if we can achieve great things together.

  • The world would be a dull place if everyone and everything were exactly the same. Different backgrounds, histories, cultures and perspectives can only help us tell richer and more relevant stories. We believe in the power of a diverse team - all walks of life are welcome here.

  • This is as much a fit for you as it is for us. It’s important that you feel like you belong here.

Open Positions



    “Audio is 73.6% of the experience.” - Bruce Straley 

    We’re looking for a senior/experienced Audio Designer to craft high quality audio content and serve as the head of the audio discipline. Balancing creative and technical needs for the project, we’re looking to you to define the audio strategy, technical and aesthetic direction, and will be the point person and vision holder for the project. But maybe most importantly, we’ll need you to fully embody your discipline, understand the role audio plays in this new experience we’re creating, and want to express yourself through your craft.

    Logistically, you’re going to be wearing a lot of hats. We’re a small team, so you’ll be in charge of sound design, sound direction, implementation, and communicating/maintaining a consistent vision for the audio quality and direction for the project. And you’ll also be working closely with the music composer and project director.

    Some of your responsibilities may include:

    • Create and maintain the sound direction for the project.
    • Sound design creation and implementation.
    • Devise and implement a pipeline plan that works with the team and within the scope of the project.
    • Identifies and collaborates on memory, frame rate and quality targets, and works out any performance optimizations needed.
    • Project planning and process, scheduling and task organization, and inter-departmental communication and upkeep.
    • Planning, scheduling and working with contract audio designers in order to maintain quality standards and maintain the overall vision of the project.

    Special Powers: 

    • Master of Unreal, WWise and/or FMOD.
    • Up to speed on the latest tools and technical proficiencies needed to run a nimble audio operation. 
    • Being a great communicator and collaborator. 
    • Being flexible and able to problem solve and compromise. 
    • Being a good human that wants to make people feel their emotions through the use of sound!

    Just a heads up - as part of the interview process, we may ask you to take a test to show us your skills and knowledge.

    Thank you for your interest!



    Environment artists are integral in sculpting the moment-to-moment experience, creating moods with shape, color, texture, and light, and they can generate story without speaking a word. They can lead the player somewhere exciting, or infer the dangers of what lies ahead. And they can do all of this while keeping the game running in framerate, within memory budgets, and still able to create amazing art.

    We’re looking for an Environment Artist that’s ready to grow! Maybe you’ve been creating background art, know all the new techniques and software that help create, worked with optimization tools, but you want to challenge yourself to do more. You’ve worked with QA and used playtest data to make a more solid experience. What is more? Where do you take your skills? What do you want to do with your talents?

    We’re looking for someone to set up our background art pipeline as well as create and implement environment art for a uniquely-stylized game. Being that we’re a smaller team the position will require you to embrace challenges, know how to get the ‘bang for your buck,’ and love helping others. You’ll need to be a self-starter, enjoy problem solving, have a good eye for style and shape, and understand what emotions or design priorities the game is trying to get across at any given moment. We can help you with some of that, but we’re relying on you to bring your passion and skills too.

    Practically speaking, you’ll be responsible for texturing, shading, modeling and lighting a scene, and you will work closely with the rendering team to create the tools and infrastructure necessary to support a functioning background production pipeline. You’ll also be responsible for balancing our technical engine limitations with the demands of our aesthetic targets, and communicate those findings and lessons to the rest of the team.

    You will be working closely with pretty much everyone (did I mention we’re not very big?)! 

    Some Useful Skills:

    • Excellent modeler, texture/shader artist, and lighting artist.
    • Understands occlusion and collision systems, and AI Navigation tech.
    • Understands how to translate and work within design metrics and design limitations into great art and experiences.
    • Has a good eye for composition. Knows when and where to add detail, shapes, color, and light to get the best out of our limited resources.
    • Understands engine limitations and how to work within those constraints. Has a firm understanding of debugging tools.
    • Absolutely loves the player and wants them to feel something when they move through your creations.
    • A willingness (even a desire) to iterate and collaborate to find what works best for the team and our aesthetic goals.
    • Problem solver, self starter, and proactive. Positive attitude. Good communicator, No ego. Pretty much a perfect person. ;)
    • Understands Design’s needs and is willing to compromise when the time comes.
    • Up to speed on all the new whiz-bang tech and software.

    Special Powers:

    • You live and breathe Unreal.
    • You can write your own tools.

    Super Double Bonus Powers:

    • You have good design instincts or have experience with layout design (examples will be requested).

    Just a heads up - as part of the interview process, we may ask you to take a test to show us your skills and knowledge.

    Thank you for your interest!



    We’re looking for someone that loves every aspect of creating in-game characters and bringing them to life! We’re a small-ish team, so for a while you’ll be the only person responsible for the character pipeline. We’re looking for a generalist more than a specialist to work on our uniquely-stylized game (aka not photo realistic). This role requires a firm understanding of every aspect of character creation - primarily modeling, texturing, creating skeletal meshes and rigging - but also all of the technical aspects of physics solutions, IK/FK rigs, blend shapes, set-driven keys, control interfaces will serve you well, but aren’t essential to get you going. But a good eye and the ability to pick your battles will be essential.

    Someone that thrives in a communicative and collaborative environment to create the most efficient process in order to bring our characters to life. Someone that is willing to iterate to find what works and looks best for the game and the people using your creations. And possesses a desire to work with our Engineers to make sure our characters are efficient and the pipeline is scalable to ship a game with.

    Someone that creates consistent and fast rigs. Quick iteration is a must. Someone that will be conscious of the scope and size of the team and will adjust accordingly. 

    Some of Your Responsibilities

    • Model, texture, skin and rig characters for animators to use.
    • Test the rigs to make sure they are efficient in Maya and in Engine.
    • Make sure the models and rigs are done to technical specs to work in the engine.
    • Implement these in Unreal with all the required assets.
    • Iterate on these characters until the desired results are achieved.
    • Setting up physics assets: cloth or any other types of simulation.
    • Working with and coordinating with external contract character modelers.

    Essential Skills

    • Excellent character modeling and texturing skills.
    • Excellent rigging skills.
    • A great eye for shape and style.
    • You LOVE seeing these characters come to life, and will do anything to help them thrive!
    • Knowledge of Maya and Unreal.
    • Experience developing models and rigs for games.
    • Experience creating non-human characters.
    • Team player with strong communication skills.
    • Proactivity and can-do attitude.
    • Creative and efficient problem solving.

    Special Powers

    • Tool writing Experience.
    • Procedural Rig Experience.
    • C++ for Maya.
    • Experience developing a character pipeline.

    Just a heads up - as part of the interview process, we may ask you to take a test to show us your skills and knowledge.

    Thank you for your interest!



    Are VFX more than just particles to you? How much do you consider the player, story and mood when you create your VFX? How can VFX integrate with gameplay design to bring a new experience to the player? Do you love the technical challenge of creating new and interesting VFX in 3D, that still work in framerate and memory? Do you wonder what more we could be doing with VFX in games? What are we missing about the potential of VFX in the interactive medium?

    VFX will play a key role in our game’s unique aesthetic. As a small-ish team, you’ll pretty much be owning and driving the entire VFX pipeline and VFX creation for a while. So efficiency, problem-solving, a willingness to compromise, and a firm understanding of technical limitations and work-arounds will be essential tools in your toolbelt. We’re a fully 3D game experience. You’ll be collaborating with concept artists to define and integrate our VFX with the art style, work closely with design, and communicate a clear direction, workflow and project goals to other VFX artists and the team.

    Responsibilities Include:

    • Setting up, guiding, communicating, and maintaining a 3D VFX pipeline and technical needs across the project and departments.
    • Creating unique shaders and materials.
    • Technically proficient and can translate technical jargon to layman’s terms - and vice versa.
    • Authoring particle systems and features that are easily accessible and usable by other team members outside of the VFX department. 
    • Mentoring and guiding other VFX artists.
    • Having fun making VFX!

    Special Powers:

    • Can you hand animate 2d FX? 
    • Can you write code? Can you create your own shaders?
    • Are you familiar with Unreal or have you written shaders in Unity?
    • Can you create your own tools?

    Just a heads up - as part of the interview process, we may ask you to take a test to show us your skills and knowledge.

    Thanks for your interest!



    We’re looking for someone who can think both macro and micro - about story and characters, moment-to-moment gameplay, as well as system and gameplay design. Someone who loves the player and wants to take them on a journey. Who loves our medium, and wants to challenge the possibilities (and ship a game!). Who enjoys spec’ing out ideas and designs, following through with their implementation, and seeing these ideas come to life.

    We’re looking for someone who’s thinking about the intersection between gameplay and story - and understands the necessity to make a decision in order to move production forward. Someone who wants to create mechanics and set-ups that let the players play and still create rich, emotional experiences. 

    Practically speaking - on one day you may be asked to work on the gameplay side - which could be prototyping a layout, spec’ing out a feature or mechanic, working with the animators to get the “feel” right, working with a gameplay programmer to implement a new object, etc. On another day you may be asked to take a step back and work on pacing and story - such as world-building, environmental storytelling, player/macro/plot story goals, character arcs, etc. And then there will be days where you alone will decide what's best to work on - we have a lot of those days too.

    Proactivity is going to be key in this role. You’ll need to be a self-starter that wants to understand the vision of the project quickly and help problem-solve and prioritize to help us meet our goals.

    Some Skills:

    • Pushing the narrative into the gameplay space using all the design tools at your disposal. 
    • Challenging yourself to get emotional moments using gameplay verbs.
    • Helping define, communicate and implement gameplay verbs, interactions, and objects. 
    • Communicating and collaborating a design vision across all disciplines.
    • High level thinker. Can juggle tasks and prioritize well.
    • Enjoys the explorative process of designing a game. Can hold a vision and uncertainty at the same time.
    • Loves playtesting. Loves playtest data. Understands what iteration looks and feels like in action.
    • Can set their own priorities. Is a self-starter. Thrives in open environments.


    • Shipped some games.
    • Knows all the software. Expert at Unreal is a bonus.
    • Can script using either or both Unreal’s blueprints or C++.
    • Has an idea of what “player-driven” means, and wants to fulfill that notion.
    • Great communicator. Open minded. Believes we make better things when we include others in our process.

    Just a heads up - as part of the interview process, we may ask you to take a test to show us your skills and knowledge.

    Thanks for your interest!



    We’re looking for an engineer that gets excited by helping others. Who’s good with technical systems and believes that tools, infrastructure and a stable pipeline are the backbone of successful game development. A facilitator. A helper. A pipeline lover. A generalist programmer who enjoys wearing many hats on any given day, and gets a kick out of solving problems that help unblock the team. Who understands that quality is only achieved when infrastructure stability and pipeline efficiency is achieved.

    On one day you may be asked to work on the game side - which could be writing gameplay code, debugging other people's code, looking into optimizations, implementing save/load systems, etc. On another day you may be asked to work on our pipelines - such as animation and art tools, build systems, a smoke-test setup, in-game debugging tools, etc. And then there will be days where you alone will decide what's best to work on - we have a lot of those days.

    Some Useful Skills

    • Extensive knowledge of perforce and cloud storage and backup systems.
    • Can write good, clean, efficient code. :)
    • Self-motivated, proactive, problem solver. Can identify tool, code and pipeline issues, and wants to
    • Can recommend, set-up and maintain licensing software choices, agreements, and pipeline integration. 
    • Has a familiarity or shipped games on multiple SKUs. 
    • Has written development tools. 
    • Has familiarity with development pipelines.
    • Loves working with others. 

    Thanks for your interest!



    We’re looking for an animator that is passionate about gameplay animation. Our game is exploring the intersection between story and gameplay, so we need someone that’s able to tackle challenges and think in creative, nonstandard ways of solving problems. Who understands (or has a passion to learn) gameplay systems, gameplay design, and character creation, all while honing their animation skills. Someone that is always thinking about the high-level goal we are trying to achieve as a team. Someone that is willing to be part of a small team that is constantly evolving on how we tackle challenges in any area.

    Responsibilities Include:

    • Collaborate with all the members of the team to bring characters and world alive.
    • Have fun while animating and implementing animations.
    • Prototyping, ideating, experimenting with how the characters move, behave, feel and look.
    • Creative problem solving on how to create the best animation systems within a small team.

    Essential Skills:

    • Excellent animation skills.
    • Team player with strong communication skills.
    • Proactivity and can-do attitude.
    • Knowledge of Maya and Unreal.
    • Creative and efficient problem solving.

    Special Powers:

    • Experience developing games.
    • Rigging Experience.
    • Tool writing experience.

    Just a heads up - as part of the interview process, we may ask you to take a test to show us your skills and knowledge.

    Thanks for your interest!

Don’t see your role?

If you’re feeling the vibes from Wildflower, but don’t see a role that fits your qualifications or desires, shoot us a line anyway! Also, everything listed here is a Full Time position, but we’re open to discuss contract possibilities too. Feel free to reach out.

Company Stuff

We’re currently a 100% remote work environment. This may change in the future, but if and when it does, we’ll always maintain some sort of hybrid workspace. And if you are considering applying, please know that our homebase is in California, USA, so our hours are centered around the Pacific Time Zone. Everything listed above is a Full Time position, but we’re open to discuss contract possibilities too. Please submit your contract inquiry through the discipline you’re interested in. Thanks!